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2021 Spring Semester Rentals were due Friday, May 14

If you have Spring rentals that have not been turned in, you will be charged a non-return fee

The UWG Bookstore can no longer accept rental returns for Spring semester.

Call Nebraska Managed Rental Program at 855-558-2759 for information regarding Spring rentals,including fees for non-returned books.

You may be able to mail your rental returns directly to NMRP to avoid additional fees, but you must contact them as soon as possible to arrange this and receive return instructions. If you anticipate problems with returning your rented books, contact NMRP as soon as possible to explain your situation and receive instructions on what options you may have available to you. Follow NMRP's instructions carefully to ensure they're able to process any returns you send to them. Make sure to get tracking on any shipments you send through the mail, UPS, or other parcel service.

If NMRP is unable to process your charge for non-returned rentals, they will attempt to contact you via the contact information provided when you rented your book(s). You must pay this fee to clear your rental record and avoid going to collections.

Do not deliver or mail your Spring rentals to the UWG Bookstore, we are no longer able to check them in.

2021 Summer Semester Rentals will be due Friday, July 23!

To ensure that your rentals are received and processed correctly, the UWG Bookstore is going to make it as easy as possible for you to get your books checked in on time and accurately.

You can return rentals in-store or mail your rental books to us! Use the address below and make sure it will arrive with us before July 23.

UWG Bookstore
ATTN: Rental Returns
301 West Georgia Drive
Carrollton, GA 30118

To help us make sure they get checked in correctly, fill out this form with your name, student ID number, and the books you're returning. Include it with your rental books so that we know whose books they are when they arrive!