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UWG Bookstore Donation Discount Policy

In order for the UWG Bookstore to best serve the campus and community we want to be consistent and fair to all departments, philanthropic groups and organizations. Those who are requesting a donation or discount from the Bookstore will need to fill out a Donations Request Form thoroughly and email it to for upper management to review. Once the request has been reviewed the individual who submitted the request will be notified of the final status. In order for upper management to authorize a donation or discount the organization must be willing to advertise the UWG Bookstore by including the Bookstore Business Card with the item(s) that was donated or discounted. The organization also must have a good standing relationship with the University of West Georgia and the Bookstore as well as 2 individuals of contact to recommend the organization's values, ethics and impact on the campus and community. Be advised that not all requests can be authorized due to the Bookstore's budget, business and available merchandise. Specific requests for merchandise such as product type, size run and quantity needed may differ from the price of the product displayed in the store. This is due to the fact that when placing bookstore merchandise orders our vendor's require us to purchase a certain amount of that unit in order to get the best price possible.